Surviving the Bear Grylls challenge

Allen Gibson from our Gillingham depot was keen to support Sparks - a children's medical charity raising money to support pioneering work...

Allen taining for Bear Grylls Survival Race

Sparks is a children’s medical research charity, raising money to support the pioneering work of doctors and scientists around the UK and overseas. Allen Gibson from Howdens Gillingham depot was keen to help the charity, as he has a cousin who suffered with heart failure as a baby. The surgery he received would not have been possible without the research funded by Sparks, and today he leads a healthy, active life. 

To raise money for Sparks, Allen took part in the Bear Grylls Survival Race, in October 2015 at Trent Park. This involved running a 10k course filled with obstacles and survival challenges, so Allen needed to prepare well in advance. He trained for two hours every day, running, swimming, and working in the gym with weights. 

After all the hard work, Allen was delighted to have raised a total of £581 for Sparks; £250 of which was donated by his depot. A great way to say thanks, and to support the charity’s groundbreaking work.