Shopping trollies, sleeping bags and sleepy eyes

A group of employees from Howdens Rochdale depot were keen to find a local charity for their 2016 fundraising event...

Howdens Rochdale depot staff

Petrus, the charity they chose to benefit from their efforts is located less than a mile from the depot itself. Luke Edwards, the Depot Manager at Howdens Rochdale thought that if they sought a really local charity the staff, trades people and customers would be more supportive and giving; and he was right! 

Petrus Community provides residential and day support services; washing and drying facilities, crisis support, and emergency provision of clothes and emergency food for people throughout the Borough of Rochdale. The depot decided to host a sponsored sleep out on the 10th of October, on the depot car park to coincide with World Homeless Day. They were joined in their fundraising effort by Stephen McGarry, Assistant Manager and Keian Hillson, Warehouse Person from the Manchester depot.

As well as doing the sponsored sleep out, they also asked staff and customers to donate any surplus tins of food and other items, which were collected in a shopping trolley, lent to them by a local supermarket.

Luke and the team called on other local businesses to help support; Go Outdoors Manchester donated some sleeping bags, Morrison’s and Tesco in Rochdale donated gift cards which were used to buy more food and toiletries.

A total of £645.83 was raised in addition to the sleeping bags and plenty of food and toiletries.