Hydon Hill, Godalming

A single storey residential home near Godalming, Surrey providing a range of services for adults with physical disabilities...

Set in peaceful woodland, the home has extensive grounds and several separate outbuildings. One of these is used for activities and gave Howdens the opportunity to install an activity kitchen for the residents.

This was Howdens first fully inclusive multi-ability installation, featuring bespoke units made from off the shelf items, for example, a midi oven tower with recessed 230mm plinth to allow wheelchair footplates to travel underneath, and a built-under double oven with two small pull-down doors which made it easier for chair users to access.

The kitchen also included a microwave in the top of a base unit with a drawer underneath for storage, a pull-out worktop within a base unit and a large, reduced height preparation area for up to four residents.

During the installation, it was discovered that one of the residents used to be a professional chef. Once the kitchen was finished he set up master classes for all of the residents.