Champion House Care Home, Calverley

A residential and nursing home, Champion House supports people with disabilities and sensory impairments in a comfortable environment. In 2007, staff and residents decided the large kitchen needed improving...

It was difficult to use for even basic tasks – with base and wall units out of reach for wheelchair users, and no appliances for cooking, refrigeration or washing. As a result, residents were losing some of their independence and relying more on carers and family members.

Howdens’ redesign uses modified cabinets from its Inclusive Kitchens range to create a more user-friendly area. Cabinet plinths are high enough for wheelchair footplates underneath, and lower worktops give easier access. Appliances are at a safe and usable height and pull-out worktops offer more flexible space. An adjustable worktop with round sink and drainer and easy to reach taps provide greater accessibility. Lower wall units with pull-out accessories provide accessible, well-organised storage.

Now, residents can do much more to feel independent whether it’s making a cup of tea or cooking their own lunch. With help from volunteers, some have formed a breakfast club, cooking tasty ‘fry-ups’ while others bake cakes for the home’s garden fete – and making pizzas has become a popular group activity.