Hovenden House Care Home, Fleet

Built in 1911, Hovenden House provides a range of services for adults with physical disabilities. It has a large kitchen and utility area – but this was impractical for wheelchair users who could not get close to the base and wall units, and had difficulty reaching sinks and taps...

The aim of Howdens’ redesign in 2010 was to make the facilities and kitchen appliances much more suitable for residents with limited mobility. Now the kitchen features two appliance towers, fitted for easy access from a standing position or a wheelchair. One houses a fridge-freezer, the other a side-opening oven with a pull-out worktop underneath. The hob area has a manual rise-and-fall worktop, so the height can be adjusted to suit individual’s needs and prevent residents from having to stretch over hot pans.

The wall units are lower, and a three-drawer base unit with no plinth allows complete access with wheelchair foot clearance. A full-extension corner unit and pull-out base unit offer easy accessibility – even the shelves extend fully. The sink area has an electric rise-and-fall worktop system, and in the utility area, laundry appliances are on a raised platform for wheelchair users and those who cannot bend very far.