White Windows Care Home, Halifax

At White Windows, a nursing and care home for adults with physical disabilities, meal times are an important part of the social life, and residents often help plan menus. The house was built in 1769, and the previous kitchen was often unsuitable for the home’s residents – so Howdens’ main task in 2011 was to create a space for residents to use, with facilities designed for all levels of mobility...

As well as appliance towers with raised plinths for easy wheelchair access, the kitchen features a hob area with a breakfront worktop – which lets wheelchair users get close and reach the controls easily. The oven has a pull-out worktop underneath, giving an extra working area when transferring food to and from the oven, and when using the fridge-freezer.

An electric rise-and-fall worktop means the sink can be raised or lowered for people in a wheelchair or standing. In a corner storage cupboard, extending shelves help residents reach items that would normally be tucked away in the back, without having to overstretch.

Using a solid oak worktop, Howdens also created a seating and preparation area. With plenty of space for wheelchairs to fit underneath, this is a popular place for eating, preparing food and enjoying recreational activities.