Kenmore Care Home, Cleckheaton

For residents at Kenmore, a nursing and care home for adults with physical disabilities, the large kitchen and dining area is an important social hub. There is also a smaller kitchen on a lower level of the building, which was used by carers. The brief to Howdens in 2011 was to make the large kitchen more practical for wheelchair users and to put the smaller kitchen to better use...

In the redesigned large kitchen, appliance towers help residents make full use of the oven and fridge-freezer – and a larder tower, lowered wall units, base units with raised plinths, and a corner cupboard with extending shelves, provide plenty of accessible storage. The hob has space underneath for complete access for both motorised and standard wheelchairs.

The sink area, which can be raised or lowered to suit different individuals, has a round sink and a shallow sink and drainer. One of the taps can be turned to face either sink, within easy reach of wheelchair users.

The smaller kitchen is now a rehabilitation kitchen, used to teach residents preparing to go back to independent living or into sheltered accommodation. It features many of the inclusive ideas of the larger kitchen, all designed to help increase confidence with day-to-day tasks such as preparing meals and washing dishes.