Growing Confidence in the Kitchen

At Howdens, supporting local people is the bedrock of our business. We seek to provide opportunities for people from all backgrounds, which is why we fund Can Do, a youth volunteering programme run by Leonard Cheshire Disability...

Through the programme, help is given to young disabled people to learn life and social skills by giving back to their local communities.

At one of Leonard Cheshire's healthy eating projects in Edinburgh, students learnt about food hygiene and how to make healthy food choices. By using different pieces of equipment to prepare and cook meals, their confidence and independence in the kitchen has grown, and they’re more aware of future career options.

Through projects like this, a huge impact has been made on people’s confidence, with 82% of young people saying their confidence has got better. Similarly, 88% believe they have learnt new skills that will help them into future training, education or employment. This is key to empowering young people to grow up to be confident, independent individuals.

Howdens fund different Can Do projects all over the UK, which supported 1,300 young disabled people to gain vital life skills last year.