Setting the Agenda: Can Do Steering Group

A few weeks ago, more than fifteen ‘Can Doers’ from across the country took part in one of Leonard Cheshire's two National Steering Group meetings, which enable Can Do participants to review the programme and set the agenda for the next round of activities across all 20 locations...

Participants discussed and ranked the disability-related issues that were most important to them. Access to activities, transport, and consequently independence, were commonly agreed as the most prominent issues facing young disabled people.

We attended the event to learn more about the challenges participants face. Leonard Cheshire Disability engaged the group to gather ideas around employment for a new national campaign launching later this year. The group discussed barriers for disabled people seeking work, which included reluctant employers and the inaccessibility of job locations, application forms and training materials. Among the suggested solutions was a “how you can employ me” guide for employers, as well as apprenticeship schemes and assistive transportation. 

The group also discussed Can Do Sport, and what sport means to them. The overriding opinion was that sport is a brilliant way to maintain a healthy lifestyle while engaging in community activities, and participants shared the issues that were important to them when playing or watching sports events. 

The final activity of the day was to design an animation around disability and equality. All ‘Can Doers’ were keen to emphasise what they are capable of by creating a positive message and breaking down pre-conceived ideas of disability. They wanted their animation to inspire other disabled people to realise their potential, something that the Can Do programme has achieved with young disabled people across the country.