Why trade only?

Be sure you use a professional to install your new kitchen. Here are some reasons why.

  1. If you want it to look like it does in the catalogue, you need an experienced professional to put it in.
  2. It will make best use of your space, and fit perfectly, because a Howdens designer will draw up a professional plan for your builder to follow.
  3. It'll work properly. The doors will close, the drawers won't squeak and there won't be any funny little bits left over.
  4. A professionally fitted kitchen should increase the sale or rental value of your property.
  5. You want your kitchen working as soon as possible. Your builder can finish the job quickly, because Howdens supply everything directly from stock, locally.
  6. Electrical and gas supplies must by law be installed by a qualified fitter. If you don't use one, you could be in breach of your household insurance contract or the terms of your lease. When connecting appliances to water, although not a legal requirement, we recommend this is also carried out by a qualified fitter.
  7. Kitchens are becoming more sophisticated all the time. With Howdens, your builder's experience plus our expert advice mean you'll get the latest in finishes, fixtures and fittings, storage solutions and appliances.
  8. Installing a kitchen is a job that needs careful planning. There are usually existing units to take out and dispose of, and storage space to be found for new parts and appliances. Your builder will help you take care of all that.
  9. Peace of mind. If for any reason something's not quite right, your builder can just pop round to the local Howdens depot. We're here to help him (or her), and we've got local stock, so between us we should be able to solve most problems.