Oven buying guide: Choosing the right type of oven

From double ovens to microwave grills, discover smart oven ideas and the different types of ovens within our oven buying guide.

The different types of oven explained 

Your style of cooking, your family size and your kitchen design will affect your choice of oven design. Here we explain the different types of oven and how best to use them. 

Fan oven

Succulent dinners are made quick and easy with this type of oven. It uses an electric element and a fan positioned at the back of the oven to circulate hot air evenly. Explore fan ovens.

Fan-assisted oven 

A fan-assisted oven has an element and fan at the top and bottom of the oven to control the cooking temperature. This creates even results on every shelf. View fan-assisted ovens.

Conventional oven 

This type of oven uses top and bottom heat to prepare dishes at different cooking temperatures, like a roast dinner. Explore conventional ovens.

Multi-functional oven 

A multi-functional oven gives you a variety of cooking features including conventional and fan cooking. It often comes with a grill too for healthy meals. See multi-functional ovens.

Steam oven 

Steam cooking adds moisture to your meals and also locks in flavour, making it a great choice for more fragrant dishes. 

Microwave oven 

Most modern built-in microwaves cook and reheat food faster than a conventional oven – great for a busy household. Go to microwave ovens

Built-in ovens

When fitted by your builder at eye-level, this oven design is easier to access your dishes and can add a linear design feature to your kitchen. Explore built-in ovens.

Built-under ovens

Fitted beneath your worktop, built-under ovens can save space and are often found in more traditional kitchen layouts. Explore built-under ovens.

Choose the right type of oven size

A single oven at 60cm high offers a reasonable 62-82 litre capacity - a great choice for small kitchens. At 90cm high, a double oven can cater for a crowd and has a large 65-75 litre capacity.  

Get fuel figured out

Electric ovens offer full temperature control and even heat distribution. Mains cables are also supplied for quick fitting by your builder. Gas ovens are cheaper to run and can be easily converted to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

Oven design features to make cooking easier

There are many features to look out for when choosing an oven. Some can help save time, create better cooking results or improve safety in your home. 

  • Pyrolytic self-cleaning – A pyrolytic oven burns at 500c to turn grease into ash. Simply wipe with a damp cloth for a clean oven.
  • Cool-touch doors - Smart glazing keeps the oven door cool to touch – great for families or when little ones are around.
  • Touch Control – Placing full control at your fingertips, touch control ovens are easier to clean without fiddly knobs.
  • Warming drawers – Keep your plates warm and ready for entertaining with a warming drawer. You can also use it to prove dough.
  • Side-opening or Sliding doors – For those trying to improve access in your kitchen, a sliding or side opening door can also make better use of a small space. 

Four oven ideas to inspire you 

Now you know about the types of ovens to choose from, here are our favourite oven ideas to bring your oven design to life. 

  1. Create clever cooking zones - Ask your builder to combine a double oven, microwave and warming drawer to make a designated cooking area that is easy to access and suits any kitchen layout.
  2. Be smart with storage space - Fit plinth drawers under your built-in oven to create a convenient place to store baking trays and to maximise every inch of space in a small kitchen.
  3. Keep food hot - Install a warming drawer underneath your oven to store food while you are finishing off cooking. It is also a place to keep your plates when you are entertaining.
  4. Double up for dinner - Your builder can fit ovens side by side in an appliance tower for extra space when cooking for a crowd. It also makes dinner easier to access.

With ovens from some of the leading brand names like Lamona, Bosch and Neff, you will find clever cooking features and all the space you need to make dinner time more delicious. Explore ovens.