Your guide to buying the right type of kitchen sink

Explore our kitchen sink buying guide and kitchen sink ideas to know which type of sink will best suit your home and lifestyle.

The different types of kitchen sink explained 

With so many kitchen sink designs to choose from, let us look at the different types of kitchen sinks you can buy and explain what they are best used for. 

Ceramic sinks 

Hand-made from premium fireclay, this type of kitchen sink has a smooth surface that is resistant to staining and scratching. It is often used in traditional or country kitchen styles. Explore ceramic sinks.

Composite sinks 

Composite sinks are a durable kitchen sink design, withstanding temperatures up to 200 degrees C and resistant to stains, scratches, chips and cracks. It can be used in many different design schemes too. Explore composite sinks.

Stainless-steel sinks 

Resistant to heat and scratches plus really easy to clean, this type of kitchen sink is a durable choice for a busy kitchen. The polished finish looks best in a modern or Industrial inspired kitchen. Explore stainless-steel sinks.

Inset sinks 

This kitchen sink design fits flush to your worktop and often comes with a drainer and in-built tap holes. Your builder can fit this type of kitchen sink with laminate and solid worktops.

Undermount sinks 

This type of kitchen sink sits beneath your worktop creating a streamlined look in your kitchen. It can only be fitted with a solid worktop and taps are installed separately by your builder. 

Which size of sink is right for my family?

You may be a solo cook or like to feed a crowd. Choose your sink size to meet the needs of your cooking habits and the space in your kitchen.

  • Single bowl - This type of kitchen sink will save on space, making it a great choice for compact kitchens, smaller families and kitchens with a dishwasher.
  • 1.5 bowl – With a place to wash or drain vegetables, the extra half bowl of this kitchen sink design gives you the advantage of a double bowl sink whilst taking up less room.
  • Double bowl – Cleaning is much easier with two basins. A double bowl sink offers ample space for washing large pots created by bigger families. 

Sink and tap bundles 

Match your sink and taps the easy way with our sink and tap packages. These include all the parts your builder needs to get your sink fitted quickly. 

Customise your sink 

Here are some of our favourite kitchen sink ideas to inspire your new kitchen design. 

Wash away waste 

Ask your builder to fit a waste disposal unit with your sink. This clever device will grind food into a pulp, making it easy to wash away unwanted food after dinner. 

Water your vegetables 

Pair a stainless-steel sink with a spray tap for a kitchen sink idea that recreates a professional kitchen. The flexible spray will make light work of rinsing veggies or cleaning greasy trays.  

Drain away water 

Add drain grooves into your solid worktop near your sink for a smart place to drain veg or rinse dishes. The grooves will make it easier to clean and drain water away. 

The double farmhouse

For an attractive focal point in a country kitchen design, place two ceramic sinks side by side. This will give you room for family-size dinner preparations and to maintain your kitchen garden. 

Be bowled over by our sinks

Turn your kitchen sink area into a statement feature with one of our stylish sinks. From single inset bowls to double undermount sinks, find a sink that will make light work of the dishes.

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