Your guide to choosing the right type of kitchen tap

Discover the type of kitchen tap that is right for your family’s lifestyle with our helpful buying guide and kitchen tap ideas.

Different types of kitchen tap 

A hardworking tool in your kitchen, taps are available in a range of styles and colours. Here we explain the different types of kitchen taps and how to use them.  

Monobloc single lever tap

Ultra-modern with a single pillar and spout, and controlled by a single lever, this type of kitchen tap is great for a busy kitchen. 

Monobloc double lever tap

With a handle or lever on each side, this kitchen tap is simple to control, and can feature a swivel spout to easily direct the flow of water. 

Deck mixer tap

Mix both hot and cold water to get the right temperature, even in areas with unequal water pressure. Two levers control the water, which flows from a single spout. 

Bridge tap

Similar to the deck mixer tap, this tap has a bridge which forms a single mixer spout. It requires relatively high water pressure to work well.  

Pillar taps

Coming in pairs that are fitted separately, pillar taps give you individual control over your cold and hot water flow. This kitchen tap idea works well in a utility or boot room.

Low or high water pressure

Your builder can help you match your tap to the water pressure in your home. Low pressure requires a specific tap, while most taps can work with high pressure. 

Soft or hard water

Limescale in hard water areas can cause wear over time. Ask your builder which type of kitchen tap will work best in your area – like a brass tap which will resist corrosion.

Kitchen tap features to look out for 

Speed up tasks in a busy kitchen by choosing a tap which offers some of these innovative tap features.

Hot water taps

Make preparing hot drinks or dinner simple with a hot water tap. It delivers instant hot water, and is more affordable to run than a kettle.

Filter taps

Enjoy filtered water straight from your tap, giving you a cool drink or fresh water for cooking.

Spray taps

Create a professional look or enhance your industrial themed kitchen with a coiled pull-out spray tap, which makes rinsing vegetables and salad easier. 

A tap tip 

Take note of the pre-drilled holes in the sink you choose. Monobloc taps require a single hole, while most other types of kitchen taps need two. 

Kitchen tap ideas 

Explore a few of our favourite kitchen tap ideas to find one that complements the style of your kitchen.

For heritage style

Add an authentic design feature to a traditional or rustic kitchen with a curved spout, like the Lamona Garda swan neck tap, which has a heritage feel. 

For a minimalist look

Complement the modern or pared-back styling of your kitchen with geometric kitchen tap ideas, like a Lamona chrome cubic tap, or Lamona chrome Alvo right angled tap.

For a smaller space

Heavier undermount sinks are usually matched with taps set within your worktop. In a small kitchen, your builder can mount your tap on a wall. 

For a sleek finish

Create a more harmonious look by ensuring the style and material of your type of kitchen tap complements the style and material of your sink.

Tap into something more sophisticated

With heritage and modern designs to choose from, plus clever innovations like water filters and hot water taps, your new tap will be the talk of your kitchen.

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