Create the Perfect Laundry or Utility Room

With plenty of ideas on how to make the most of your laundry and utility room, our advice and inspiration guide is a great way to start when renovating or improving space.

Don't forget about your laundry and utility rooms

Very often your laundry room is forgotten about when designing a new kitchen. Our laundry and utility room ideas you’ll be inspired to create a room you want to be in, which in turn makes the chores easier.

Storage ideas for your laundry and utility room

We have looked into everything you need to know about using storage and décor to get the most from your utility and laundry rooms. 

Working with the space you have

Small laundry cupboards require just as much if not more thought when designing than a designated utility room.  Due to the limited space, your entire cleaning supply, washing machine and items such as your iron and ironing board need to be designed to use the space available.

Our Full Extension Corner Storage Accessory is a great way to use deep corner cupboards to their full advantage- storing all of your cleaning products.  With the option of left or right hand opening this extension is versatile enough to fit within your layout, whilst the anti-slip coating is ideal for holding all your bottles in place.

Integrate to create a visually pleasing view

Use minimalist design techniques such as closing the door to your large appliances using our integrated washers and dryers, to create a clean look. Our AEG 1400rpm integrated washing machine is ideal for large loads, with 14 programmes for different fabric types there are no excuses for piles of washing filling the room.

Use all space

Make the most of all your space such as a high ceiling and doors.  Store your awkward items such as ironing boards, mops and your vacuum cleaner in our ample extra tall larder with 4 drawer tower unit.  With added shelving at the top of the cupboard there is plenty of room for vacuum attachments and your iron. 

A simple solution to tidy away tea towels and aprons is to attach our Chrome Coat Hooks.  Very often the back off a door is forgotten about and can be useful.  

Style your laundry cupboard

Always incorporate functional yet beautiful designs when thinking about laundry cupboard ideas.  With our Lamona Double Ceramic Belfast sink, not only is this traditional sink very pleasing to the eye and in keeping within the culture of a laundry cupboard it has double the sink space, which is ideal when hand washing clothes.  

Laundry baskets

Clear floor space and create an organised look by removing your old standing laundry basket and piling up your washing into our cupboard wicker baskets.  The natural wood baskets work well with any décor, but particularly lend themselves to a traditional style.  Laundry baskets also allow you to keep all of your washing in one place; ensuring your room is clutter free and a delight to be in.


This utility room idea is ideal if your room is also a secondary storage area.  Fit shelving to the walls above worktops to fold towels and bedding, keeping them away from any mess.  By using slatted shelves your laundry will be aired and kept away from any unwanted dirt. 

To create a feature wall try painting the shelves a contrasting colour to your kitchen cabinetry.