Kitchen breakfast bar ideas for today’s homes

Explore our kitchen breakfast bar ideas to see how you can transform your space into a versatile kitchen-diner.

Is a kitchen breakfast bar right for you?

If you are currently planning a new kitchen with your builder, adding a breakfast bar will turn your kitchen into a versatile space for eating, working and socialising. Here are a few things to think about if you want to enhance your kitchen with a breakfast bar.

  • Consider where you live. If you have a smaller home where space is limited, a kitchen breakfast bar can offer valuable extra work space when cooking. If there is no room for a dining table in your kitchen, add a breakfast bar to enjoy the benefits of a kitchen-diner. 
  • Think about your lifestyle. From family dinners to drinks with friends, a breakfast bar can cater for everyone. With your guests perched at the kitchen bar, conversation can flow whilst you are cooking. Or if the little ones need homework help, you can lend a hand whilst keeping an eye on dinner.
  • Explore your options. Talk to your builder to learn more about layouts and designs, then together you can discuss your ideas with a kitchen designer.  

Key considerations when designing your breakfast bar

Once you begin designing your kitchen breakfast bar with your builder, there are some key elements which need careful consideration. 

  • Choose a shape. A peninsular breakfast bar works well in a U-shaped kitchen layout. Meanwhile in an open-plan home, a breakfast bar can divide the cooking and living areas.
  • Positioning your breakfast bar facing the main work area means you can cook and entertain at the same time. On busy evenings, sit here to catch up on emails whilst dinner is cooking.
  • If your sink or hob sits on a kitchen island, your builder can add a breakfast bar to conceal these appliances, creating a clean, modern look.
  • Think about how many people your breakfast bar will seat. Smaller kitchen breakfast bars are great for quick lunches or coffee breaks. Meanwhile larger ones offer a place for sit-down meals with family, and are a good alternative to a dining table.
  • A bar for serving drinks should sit higher than a bar for dining. Consider how it will be supported – for example with an island or floor units, or with a breakfast bar leg. 

Customising your breakfast bar 

Your builder can customise your breakfast bar so it complements your kitchen design. Here are a few ways to make it unique. 

  • Choose your style. Select a worktop that matches the rest of your kitchen for a streamlined design, or pick a contrasting material or colour for a more eclectic look.
  • Pick your seating. Choose from chairs, stools, benches or built-in seating. A wooden bench has a relaxed, rustic feel, whilst chrome bar stools echo art-deco refined look.
  • Consider lighting. Your builder can fit lighting directly above you kitchen bar to ensure it is well-lit.
  • Incorporate storage. Wine racks provide a home for your favourite bottles. Ask your builder to include open shelving to display crockery, or shallow drawers for tableware. 

Five top kitchen breakfast bar ideas

Here are some of our favourite kitchen breakfast bar ideas to help you find the right one for your own kitchen. 

1. A corner for coffee breaks 

In a U-shaped layout, make the most of every inch of space by adding a small breakfast bar at the end of one side of the ‘U’. Your builder can extend your worktop to provide a place to sit and relax with a hot drink.  

2. Cool and contemporary

Add unusual angles to your kitchen design with a wedge-shaped breakfast bar slotted neatly behind your work surface. Your builder can position the bar facing the cooking area, so you can prepare dinner whilst entertaining your guests.  

3. Simple and sleek

By extending the worktop along the outer edge of a small island, your builder can create a breakfast bar for quick meals or catching up with friends and family. Simple bar stools provide seating, with room for storage beneath the bar too. 

4. Influenced by industry

In a kitchen inspired by the industrial trend, choose a breakfast bar in the style of a work bench. A double layer of solid wood worktop supported on a robust metal leg will introduce warmth and texture into an uncluttered scheme. Pair with simple metal stools to complete the look. 

5. For the sociable chef

Let your guests see the cooking in action by placing your breakfast bar opposite the hob on a kitchen island. Or keep a close eye on dinner as you relax on your stool with a good book. 

To begin bringing your kitchen breakfast bar ideas to life, get in touch with your builder. Together you can organise a free design appointment with one of our experienced designers to create a breakfast bar that works for you and your home.