Six kitchen decor ideas for customizing your space

Be inspired to personalise the hub of your home with our stylish kitchen decor ideas and pictures.

If you are looking for some kitchen inspiration to customise your space, explore our kitchen decor ideas to refresh or add a personal touch to your room. 

1. Rethink and relay flooring 

So much time is spent looking at eye-level in a kitchen, that flooring is often overlooked as a place to start for kitchen decoration ideas. The latest materials make it quick for your builder to update. Try:

2. Get to grips with new handles 

Handles are a small kitchen detail that can have a big impact. If your existing cabinets are in solid condition, fitting new handles is a quick kitchen decor idea that will spruce up your room with limited expense. Consider adding:

3. Lighten up (and down)

Lighting can have a dramatic effect on your kitchen decor. It can brighten up dark spaces and add a premium finish to a room. Kitchens also benefit from many different lighting styles, making it easy to customise. Try adding:

  • Pyramid downlighters underneath cabinets to cast light on your work surfaces without creating shadows.
  • LED Plinth lights are virtually invisible when switched off and can highlight a feature floor.
  • Retro-fit sensor lights, slotted inside drawers and gloomy cupboards, make finding utensils and ingredients much speedier. 

4. Splash(back) out on colour

Bright hues are the visual equivalent of a 7am espresso. Jewel tones like midnight blue and teal are equally as bold. Or choose cool greys for a subtle alternative. There are a number of places you can add colour to improve your kitchen decor:   

  • Splashbacks – this unbroken space can carry shades as compelling as orange and black without overpowering a room.
  • Walls – feature walls show no sign of fading. Turquoise, for example, is unexpected in a kitchen, but contrasts nicely against white cupboards.
  • Island units or end panels can be painted to tie in with new furniture or fabrics.

5. Stow away essentials naturally

The Natural trend is already well-established in our kitchen inspiration. So, storage crafted from organic textures can offer a quick update to your kitchen, whilst adding a touch of nature in your home. Explore:

  • Wicker baskets – an obvious fit for fruit and veg which can be displayed or tucked away in a dedicated cupboard.
  • Glass shelving – fix into a glass-fronted cabinet for further reflection upon your favourite teacups.
  • Wine racks – make use of otherwise redundant space for stashing tea towels, foil wrap or even cookery magazines.

6. Make your space multi-functional

Open-plan living spaces are in high demand because we do much more than cook and clean in our kitchens. To create a space for work and play, try these kitchen decor ideas:

  • Find a place to fit in a table - round, extendable, or drop-leaf are all options if you have limited space.
  • Oversized cushions and blankets can transform a window ledge into a window seat.
  • Devote a cupboard to a computer, or screw a fold-out desk onto one wall, which can also double as a drinks table when hosting parties.

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