Modern design features

Professionally-inspired elements include extendable spray taps and units 'wrapped’ in stainless steel.

While the beauty of the modern kitchen lies in its individuality, some key features run through every successful design. Each of these essential ingredients is both functionally satisfying and aesthetically pleasing, contributing to the smooth running of this busy room.

An informal dining area, centered around a table or island unit, defines this as a flexible living space. Many modern kitchens are open-plan, featuring distinct zones for cooking, eating and lounging. An island unit can act as a boundary between these areas, creating a subtle division.

The principle of maximising light and space is all-important in the modern kitchen and this is achieved with a combination of generous storage and plenty of reflective materials. Glossy white cabinets, stainless steel veneers, and glass or mirrored splashbacks all help to bounce light around the room. Meanwhile, curved corner units can be used to create a streamlined look and handle-free cupboards keep the finish unfussy. Within this pared-back scheme there’s room for carefully chosen dramatic pieces. At its most simple, the focus might be limited to bold taps or a showstopping floorlamp, but the décor of modern kitchens has become increasingly striking. From glamorous engineered surfaces to the uncompromising industrial ingredients of concrete and steel, design is more confident and extreme than ever before.

New technology and modern materials are included to varying degrees in contemporary kitchens, but features such as a beautifully integrated composite sink, the reassuring safety of an induction hob or the sense of luxury created by soft-close drawers and cupboards are particularly appealing. Professionally-inspired elements include extendable spray taps and units ‘wrapped’ in stainless steel. The breakfast bar has evolved into an overhanging table, making island units an even more versatile choice. Finally, as TVs, speakers, laptops and sofas firmly establish themselves in the kitchen, it’s clear that this is a place where comfort, functionality and innovative style work together.