How to maximise storage in a modern kitchen

Make the most of the space available, without compromising on style.

The secret to a minimalist modern kitchen is ample storage. Discover our tips and tricks on maximising kitchen storage to get inspired.

Practical storage solutions for your modern kitchen

  1. From crockery and cutlery to food and kitchen gadgets, it is easy to let the clutter creep in, so hide everything away behind streamlined doors for a stylish sense of calm.
  2. Choose deep drawers with dividers. These are perfect for pans and make rummaging in the back of a cupboard a thing of the past.
  3. Install a pull-out larder or corner unit that makes use of those difficult to reach spaces. This is a particularly good kitchen storage idea for small apartments.
  4. Limit the amount of open storage for a cleaner look. Think of the worktop as a place for displaying some carefully chosen items rather than as extra storage space.
  5. Generous banks of units can create clean lines and increase the sense of space in a modern kitchen. Stacked half-height units offer flexibility, while integrated door handles keep things neat. Using built-in storage boxes in a tower unit means not a single bit of space goes to waste.

Design your kitchen storage around your lifestyle

Every home owner will have their own unique storage needs. It is important to think about what will make your kitchen easy to use, every day. Here are a few ideas:

  • Consider banquette seating with concealed toy storage in its base.
  • Reserve a cool spot for a wine rack.
  • Set aside an area for kitchen recycling bins to make recycling easier.
  • Maximise your space with floor-to-ceiling storage.
  • Use plinth drawers to tuck clutter away at floor level.