How to style a modern kitchen

Modern kitchen styling is all about being eclectic and effortless.

A kitchen is not truly complete until you add the furniture and accessories that give it warmth and personality. A modern kitchen should feature a lived-in look, yet remain neat and stylish. Get inspired with these tips.

1. Choose stand-out furniture

Furniture is one of the most important considerations when it comes to styling a modern kitchen. Here are some ideas for keeping your kitchen contemporary and unique:

  • A pair of barstools will inject a sense of grown-up glamour.
  • A carefully chosen ceiling light can draw the attention both up – to the fitting, and down – where the illumination falls.
  • An oversized pendant light will introduce some curves to a space that is generally dominated by right-angles.
  • To make a bold statement, invest in a sparkling chandelier.

2. Update existing furniture

Upholstered furniture is a good way to introduce different textures and colours. Re-cover a chair in a bright fabric for a hit of colour, or if your kitchen is open plan, add a formal accent with a sofa in any patterned fabric, from pinstripe to tweed.

3. Soften the look with furnishings

Clever styling can create a sense of balance in the kitchen. Modern soft furnishings, such as deep-pile textured rugs and decorative geometric-print cushions will take the edge off an industrial-looking scheme. Remember, the textiles seen in a kitchen are often functional, including aprons and tea towels, so make sure these contribute to the overall look.

4. Inject personality with unique items

Add a unique touch by displaying items that have an interesting shape, form or texture, without cluttering worktops, walls or floors. Experiment with some of these ideas to find out what works for your kitchen:

  • Fresh flowers, which look all the more striking against a minimalist backdrop, have a place in every modern kitchen. From the fragile look of a twiggy blossom, to the bold blooms of a hydrangea stem, they are an exquisite source of shape and colour.
  • Rough textures such as stone and wood have timeless appeal even in the most contemporary space, and glass or ceramics reflect the light with their glossy finish. Do not limit yourself to vases or vessels originally intended for display – some of the most interesting pieces are pots, bottles or bowls designed with a practical use in mind.
  • Try to vary the scale of the items you put on show – the contrast will create a dramatic effect and give the objects greater impact.