What is modern kitchen design?

The best modern kitchen design is both minimalist and functional.

Open-plan, striking and above all inviting, the modern kitchen brings together the best contemporary design features to create a sociable and practical living space.

Modern can still be relaxing

With its crisp, clean lines, sculptural shapes and sleek, shiny finishes, the modern kitchen has a distinctly architectural feel. But despite its cutting-edge appearance, it should also be a space for relaxation.

Think functional, but stylish

Whether you are entertaining friends at home or enjoying a relaxing morning with your family, having a thoughtfully designed space makes all the difference. Thoroughly planning your modern kitchens and choosing bespoke kitchen elements means you can select a layout that both looks great and makes your life easier.

An area set aside for a sofa or an upholstered chair, for example, allows the room to be used for relaxation as well as productivity, making it the main focus of the house throughout the day.

The modern kitchen vs. the traditional kitchen

Modern kitchens can feel chic yet comfortable, whereas traditional kitchens tend to feel more homely.

A modern kitchen design works well for flexible open-plan spaces, combining clean lines and minimalist ideas with space-saving fittings.

Clutter can be hidden behind doors or placed in deep storage drawers so it does not disrupt the pared-back effect, and a clever combination of materials, from timeless stone and wood to stainless steel and quartz, ensures the look is kept sharp rather than stark.

The practical benefits of a modern kitchen

The benefits of state-of-the-art materials and hi-tech appliances go way beyond visual appeal. In fact, many modern kitchen designs are inspired by the demands of a professional kitchen.

As soon as individual objects, accessories and furniture are introduced to the room, the kitchen gains its own distinct personality, making it a warm, welcoming, intelligently-designed space.