Choosing fixtures and fittings for a traditional kitchen

Make fixtures and fittings such as sinks, taps and handles, design features in their own right.

There are many different types of kitchen sinks, taps and handles, these are some of the hardest-working features of your kitchen, and should be considered key design elements too. Discover our tips on choosing the best styles for your traditional kitchen, including how to make modern features work without moving away from your theme.

Set off the traditional theme with your sink

Whether you are creating an idyllic cottage-style country kitchen or prefer the look of utility chic, a ceramic sink is a smart and versatile choice. Trough-style Belfast sinks are a timeless choice, and are usually mounted onto the wall, so that the worktop leads straight into them. Visit a local reclamation yard if the slightly worn look of a vintage model appeals, or opt for a new version if you prefer a flawless, crisp white finish. Double Belfast and 1.5 sinks are also available and prove particularly useful for soaking pots and pans.

Choose your taps carefully

Taps are a real key feature of your traditional kitchen, as they are something you are likely to use every day. Antique brass taps add a real sense of character, and there are plenty of convincing reproductions available. These will give you the flexibility of a monobloc style such as a swivel spout and often include subtle detailing and a slightly tainted, pewter-style finish. Alternatively, a simple chrome finish creates a very clean look – enamel-covered or cross-shaped controls add a traditional edge.

Add a unique touch with decorative kitchen cabinet handles

Simple cabinetry can be given a rustic feel with the addition of decorative kitchen handles. Rummage in junk shops for a set of classic cup handles which look all the better for being tarnished with age, or go for modern versions of traditional, ornate styles including beehive and twist cage designs. It is this kind of attention to detail which creates a sense of craftsmanship.