How to style a traditional kitchen

Traditional kitchen styling is all about mixing up details without overwhelming the space

A kitchen is complete when it is filled with items that give it warmth and personality. In a traditional kitchen, furniture and accessories should add visual interest through their shape, form or texture – without overwhelming the space.

1. Choose chairs with character

In a room that takes socialising seriously, chairs are a good place to start. Instead of creating a uniform look, group different styles of wooden chairs around a scrubbed wooden table and create a cohesive feel by painting them in the same shade. Add an industrial edge with a metal armchair, or for real character, try a reclaimed church pew or a quirky bar stool inspired by a vintage tractor seat.

2. Get creative with furnishings

Use soft furnishings to introduce colour, texture, and a relaxed, shabby chic aesthetic. Opt for a cosy armchair or a set of pretty cushions if your kitchen is open plan, and do not forget to consider more functional kitchen textiles, like tea towels and aprons.

3. Inject personality with unique items

Choosing which pieces to display in your kitchen is often a matter of trial and error. Experiment with these ideas to find out what works well in your space:

  • Fresh flowers always help to liven up a room.
  • An open trolley allows you to show off the vibrant colours of fresh produce.
  • Rough textures such as stone and wood have timeless appeal, working well as part of a traditional theme.
  • Glass or ceramics reflect the light with their glossy finish.
  • Similar objects – such as white china, coloured enamelware or copper pans – can be grouped together. Try using an angular lamp, such as an anglepoise lamp, to place a greater impact on certain objects.