Why choose a traditional kitchen?

The beauty of a traditionally styled kitchen lies in its warmth and flexibility.

There is a real sense of honesty in the design of the traditional kitchen. Discover how well it could suit your lifestyle.

Traditional kitchens are full of personality

In a traditional kitchen, the room’s primary function as a place to cook and enjoy food is celebrated with the display of all kinds of cooking wares, from shiny copper pans hanging from a rail, to stacked china and clusters of glassware. Even herbs and vegetables have a place in the arrangement, dried and tied up with twine or piled high in a wicker basket.

With a traditional kitchen design, every item helps to add unique character to a room that is constantly changing, and packed with personality.

A traditional kitchen design in a modern world

All sorts of changes and developments have transformed our homes over recent generations, but the idea of a welcoming and practical space is timeless. Here are a few ideas that could help bring the traditional theme to life in your kitchen:

  • Furniture designed for other areas can be added to a traditional kitchen, broadening its scope as a general living space.
  • An antique display case intended for a formal drawing room looks great packed with everyday tableware.
  • A wing-backed chair can be pulled up next to the warmth of the range stove
  • A table – or island unit – is the hub of the traditional kitchen. Like the room itself, it is likely to be a multi-functional place where vegetables are chopped, meals are eaten, and conversations take place.

What is a traditional kitchen style?

Whether you like the warm eclecticism reminiscent of a snug farmhouse, or prefer the simple metal and enamel accents of a pared-back practical look, there is plenty of room for individuality when it comes to the traditional kitchen.

Even a pure-white traditional kitchen is far from clinical, thanks to hand-made objects and antiques which promote a sense of craftsmanship.

Age-old materials such as wood and flagstones guarantee a timeless appeal, while inherited items, from a favourite cookbook to a mixing bowl handed down through generations, create a comforting sense of nostalgia.