Inspirational kitchen diner ideas for an open plan kitchen

Explore our kitchen diner ideas and discover a new, more social way of living with an open plan kitchen.

Will an open-plan kitchen suit your home?

An open plan kitchen can change the way you use your home, bringing your family and dinner guests together in one vibrant space. It is important to know if open plan will suit your house and lifestyle. First consider:

  • How you use your kitchen. Do you want to keep an eye on your children or chat with guests while you cook? Or, do you prefer to shut a door to dirty dishes, and fragrant smells? An open plan kitchen can transform your space into a multi-functional room. It can also open your house up to clutter, smell and noise.  
  • The size of your room. An open plan kitchen living room gives you more space, which is great for smaller kitchens. It can also provide more natural light in larger rooms. 
  • A builder’s view. As well as helping you explore different layouts, your builder can advise on what walls can be safely removed to open up your home. 

Things to consider when planning and designing an open plan kitchen

Before you and your builder begin your new open plan kitchen design, here are a few planning tips that can help your project run smoothly. 

  • Understand planning permission. Your builder will be able to tell you if you need permission to remove a wall in your home. They will also offer advice on keeping your house structurally sound.
  • Explore the flow of your space. Think about how you see yourself moving around your open plan kitchen space. This will determine where you will place your kitchen cabinets, appliances and dining area.
  • Consider adding a utility room as part of a kitchen extension. Place noisy appliances, like washing machines and tumble-dryers, in a dedicated space away from your kitchen. This will quieten your kitchen diner and reduce visual clutter. 

Customising your open-plan kitchen

An open plan kitchen presents many possibilities when it comes to personalising your space.

  • Discover clever storage options. Keep your kitchen clutter-free, and maximise every inch of space by adding space-saving storage accessories
  • Supercharge your appliances. Many kitchen appliances are designed with lower decibel ratings to suit open plan living. A good extractor will also eliminate unwanted odours.
  • Invest in technology. Stay connected in your new open plan kitchen with smart home devices that can extend your wifi signal or monitor your living conditions.

Explore our five kitchen diner ideas 

Here are our top five kitchen diner ideas to inspire you when you are planning your open-plan kitchen with your builder.

1. Rethink your storage  

Low benches or inbuilt open shelving can display prize items. Or build a seating area on top of a set of low drawer compartments for a cosy reading nook in your open plan kitchen lounge. 

2. Create custom-furniture 

Ask your builder to create some bespoke furniture for stowing essentials. This wooden dresser is constructed using our Allendale Dove Grey Shaker drawers.

3. Open-up to shelving 

Open-shelving can enhance the sense of space and provide useful storage in your new open plan kitchen. It can also replace wall units to create more natural light.

4. Add space for seating 

Provide your guests with somewhere to perch while you are cooking by adding a breakfast bar and bar stools to your kitchen design. 

5. Reflect the light 

A bright, glossy kitchen that reflects sunlight from nearby windows makes every corner of the room feel lighter and more spacious. For a stylish colour scheme, try contrasting white cabinets with dark walls and worktops. Get flooring ideas in our open plan kitchen flooring article.

To bring your open plan kitchen ideas to life, get in touch with your builder, and together you can book a free design appointment with one of our designers. Our free design service will ensure every detail is right from the start, helping you make the best use of your space.