AEG 60cm chimney extractor

Clear the air in the kitchen with this stainless-steel chimney extractor from AEG that is a great choice for those with open-plan layouts.

Cleaning the air at a high rate of 603m3 per hour, this stainless-steel AEG 60cm chimney extractor is suitable for large kitchens and open-plan spaces. Push-button controls make it easy to use and it also comes with washable grease filters. It can be installed to either vent odours outside, or to recirculate and refresh the air through a filter.


  • Push button controls
  • 2 x 20W lights
  • Washable grease filter
  • Carbon filter included for re-circulation
  • Ducting kits APL2805/06/07 required to duct out
  • H705-1140mm x W598mm x D500mm
  • 2 year guarantee subject to registration with AEG

Stainless Steel 60cm HAG2401

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