AEG double multi-function oven

Look forward to perfect cooking results with the precisely controlled heat of this integrated stainless-steel double oven. Thanks to its size, it is great for large families and dinner parties. Plus every dish is under your control, with either fan or conventional lower-heat cooking. There is also a variable dual zone grill, which makes healthy dinners easy.


  • Cooling fan
  • LED programmable clock/timer
  • Retractable controls
  • Self-cleaning catalytic liners (roof, back and sides)
  • Interior light
  • Double glazed door
  • Removable inner door glass
  • H888mm x W594mm x D548mm
  • 2 year guarantee subject to registration with AEG

Top oven

  • Cooking functions: top and bottom heat, bottom heat only, top heat only and variable dual zone grill

Main oven

  • Cooking functions: top and bottom heat, true fan cooking using ThermiC° hot air technology, bottom heat only, variable dual zone grill, fan grilling and defrost function

Stainless Steel HAG4602

[362.00K] Download Appliance Manual [592.34K] Download Energy Rating Label