Dordogne Oak door

With its bold design, the Dordogne Oak adds a sense of heritage to traditional interiors.

  • Constructed using engineered stiles and rails
  • Ready for finishing with varnish, stain or Osmo Oil
  • Fire Door options available
  • 35mm thick, 30 minute fire protection option available

H1981mm x W381mm (6' 6" x 1' 3")

Standard DIE4600

H1981mm x W457mm (6' 6" x 1' 6")

Standard DIE4610

H1981mm x W533mm (6' 6" x 1' 9")

Standard DIE4620

H1981mm x W610mm (6' 6" x 2' 0")

Standard DIE6630

FD FD30 DFD4130

H1981mm x W686mm (6' 6" x 2' 3")

Standard DIE6640

FD FD30 DFD5840

FD FD30 35mm DFD2440

H1981mm x W711mm (6' 6" x 2' 4")

Standard DIE4650

H1981mm x W762mm (6' 6" x 2' 6")

Standard DIE6660

FD FD30 DFD5860

FD FD30 35mm DFD2460

H1981mm x W838mm (6' 6" x 2' 9")

M Standard DIE6670

FD M FD30 DFD5870

FD M FD30 35mm DFD2470

H1981mm x W864mm (6' 6" x 2' 10")

M Standard DIE4690

H2032mm x W813mm (6' 8" x 2' 8")

Standard DIE4680

FD FD30 DFD4180

FD FD30 35mm DFD2480

H2040mm x W626mm

Standard DIE6631

FD FD30 DFD4930

H2040mm x W726mm

Standard DIE6641

FD FD30 DFD4940

H2040mm x W826mm

M Standard DIE6661

FD M FD30 DFD4960

H2040mm x W926mm

M Standard DIE6671

FD M FD30 DFD4970

[95.34K] Download Technical Specification - DIE46 [96.65K] Download Technical Specification - DIE66 [100.80K] Download FD30 Technical Specification [100.04K] Download FD30 35mm Technical Specification