6 Panel grained door

Adapting our popular six panel door to your chosen theme is easy thanks to its traditional styling.

With its sturdy construction and versatile looks, it is no surprise that this traditional six-panel, moulded design is our most popular door. With an engineered core and moulded surface, you will find versions that offer sound reduction, as well as fire door compatible variants when fitted correctly, and extra-wide designs for disabled access.

H1981mm x W381mm (6' 6" x 1' 3")

F Standard (3 Panel) DIC0900

H1981mm x W457mm (6' 6" x 1' 6")

F Standard (3 Panel) DIC0910

H1981mm x W533mm (6' 6" x 1' 9")

F Standard (3 Panel) DIC0920

H1981mm x W610mm (6' 6" x 2' 0")

F Standard DIC0930

Developer Door DIC3930

P FD E FD30 DIF0531

H1981mm x W686mm (6' 6" x 2' 3")

F Standard DIC0940

Developer Door DIC3940

FD FD30 35mm DIF5440

P FD E FD30 DIF0541

H1981mm x W711mm (6' 6" x 2' 4")

F Standard DIC0950

H1981mm x W762mm (6' 6" x 2' 6")

F Standard DIC0960

Developer Door DIC3960

FD FD30 35mm DIF5460

P FD E FD30 DIF0561

H1981mm x W838mm (6' 6" x 2' 9")

F M Standard DIC0970

M Developer Door DIC3970

FD M FD30 35mm DIF5470

P FD E M FD30 DIF0571

H1981mm x W864mm (6' 6" x 2' 10")

F M Standard DIC0990

H2032mm x W813mm (6' 8" x 2' 8")

F Standard DIC0980

FD E FD30 35mm DIF5480

P FD E FD30 DIF0580

H2040mm x W526mm

F Standard (3 Panel) DIC1921

P FD E FD30 (3 Panel) DIF0920 STA

H2040mm x W626mm

F Standard DIC1931

P FD E FD30 DIF0930

H2040mm x W726mm

F Standard DIC1941

P FD E FD30 DIF0940

H2040mm x W826mm

F M Standard DIC1961

P FD E M FD30 DIF0960

H2040mm x W926mm

F M Standard DIC1971

P FD E M FD30 DIF0970

[431.86K] Download FD30 Technical Specification