Intumescent accessories

Intumescent mastic is used to seal small gaps.

Intumescent paper pack is supplied to suit most fire door dimensions and easily cut to fit locks and door closures.

Expanding foam:

  • Fills gaps & holes
  • Fixes door & window frames
  • Fills & insulates through cavities
  • Expands up to 30 times volume
  • Gloves included inside cap.

Astro Flame White Intumescent mastic (310ml) FHg ITS0020

Everbuild hand held B1 fire rated expanding foam 750ml FHg GIR0088

4" Intumescent hinge pads (Pack of 6) FHg FD30/FD60 ITS0030

Intumescent paper pack UK FHg FD30/60 ITS0050