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Christmas in the kitchen

Tips for cooking a Christmas roast

For a tasty roast that is the highlight of your Christmas dinner, follow our guide to cooking a turkey or goose in the oven – including tips on serving sizes and cooking times.

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How many people will your oven roasted turkey serve?

Pick a turkey based on the number of guests. Turkeys typically range from small to XXL, with a small turkey serving five to seven people, and XXL serving up to 22 guests. If you are a lover of leftovers, choose a larger turkey. For those cooking a goose for Christmas dinner, remember that it will reduce in size while cooking because of the rendering fat, so scale up your choice of goose accordingly. 

How to cook a turkey in the oven

The best way to cook a turkey in the oven is to follow these six simple steps. Please remember to ensure your turkey is piping hot throughout and that juices run clear before serving.

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