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Flooring design guides

How to clean your kitchen floor

Keep your kitchen floor fresh, clean and free from stains by following these simple floor cleaning tips.

Three steps to clean your kitchen floor

Whichever type of flooring you have in your kitchen, there are three basic steps to follow when cleaning your floor.

Door Mounted Mixed Recycling Grey Waste Bin

Speed things up

Make cleaning your floor quicker by having less obstacles to work around. A recycling bin can be bulky and heavy to lift, so choose an integrated option to free up your floor space.

Family first

If you have young children or pets, make sure you choose cleaning products which are safe to use in a family home. Natural alternatives are a good way to avoid harsh chemicals.

Tips for specific flooring types

Different types of flooring should be cleaned in different ways. Here are some tips for cleaning our most popular styles of kitchen flooring.

Timberjack 2mm Closed Cell Foam Underlay 15sq/m

Give your floor a firm foundation

From underlay to adhesives, we have all the materials your builder needs to fit your flooring with a professional finish.