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Kitchen layouts

A good kitchen starts with the right kitchen layout. Our guides show how some maximise storage, while others create a multi-functional living space.

Clerkenwell_Open_Living_Main_RT MATT GREY RTA

Open-plan living

Create one space for work, rest and play with an open-plan layout. With room for the whole family, these kitchens adapt to whatever life brings. Find more ideas in our open-plan kitchen layout guide. 
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Galley inspiration

By utilising both sides of your room, a galley kitchen maximises both work space and cupboard space. Discover how this kitchen layout could work in your home in our guide to galley kitchens. 
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L-shaped kitchens

An L-shaped kitchen layout can fit neatly into one corner, and pairs well with a dining table or kitchen island. See how this layout could enhance your kitchen with our guide to L-shaped kitchens.
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Usable and U-shaped

In a U-shaped kitchen, everything you need is close at hand to make cooking both easy and fun. Discover more about U-shaped kitchen layouts in our guide. 

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