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Traditional kitchens 

How to plan a traditional kitchen layout

Find traditional kitchen layout ideas to inspire you when you want to create a timeless and traditional kitchen look.

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Think about space

Different traditional kitchen layout ideas suit different kitchen sizes. In a small room, choose a layout that maximises space. In a larger kitchen, an island offers more work space for cooking.

Planning considerations for a traditional kitchen

If you want to extend your kitchen or remove walls, your builder can advise on making structural changes to accommodate your traditional kitchen layout plans. They can also advise on planning permission.
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Find a layout to match your lifestyle

Think about how you use your kitchen when choosing a layout. In an open-plan space, you can spend time with your family as you prepare dinner. For cooking couples, the two zones of an L-shaped layout let you cook side by side.

Four favourite traditional kitchen layout designs

Be inspired by four of our favourite traditional kitchen layout ideas to help plan your traditional kitchen.

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