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Traditional kitchens

How to plan traditional kitchen storage

Organise your kitchen essentials and keep your traditional kitchen clutter-free by following our tips on how to plan kitchen storage that fits with a classic design scheme.


Clever kitchen storage accessories

Many cabinets can be pre-fitted with accessories to make it easier to reach into your cupboards, like pull-down shelves. Our inclusive accessories include storage options that improve access where you need it.

A rustic touch

Channel the rustic trend with wide open shelving, which is a relaxed alternative to wall units. Place your cooking tools and tableware here, so they are always within easy reach.

Helping with household rubbish

With an integrated or pull-out recycling bin, you can sort household rubbish, or dispose of food waste quickly. These bins are neatly hidden behind a cabinet door to keep your kitchen tidy. 
Greenwich Gloss White Cutlery Drawer 1

Clever ways to conceal clutter

Make the most of every inch of space with our innovative storage solutions, where you can neatly organise all of your kitchen essentials to keep your work surface clutter-free.