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Get the Linear look

Explore the Linear look to see how you can create a modern, minimalist kitchen that combines clean lines and clever storage. Together with your builder, we can help bring the Linear look to life in your home.


Style elements

Strong, prominent lines, a continuous flow of edges and an uncluttered and organised feel can help make your beautiful Linear kitchen functional.
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The Linear look can be styled using any of our kitchen ranges, whether you are short on space or looking for open-plan living. Incorporating the Linear look into your design ensures that you’re creating a kitchen that is totally individual to you and your family’s needs, whilst achieving an effortlessly stylish look.

Explore our kitchen collections

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Bring your ideas to life

From a home survey to a video walk-through of your new kitchen, our free design service can turn your plans into a reality. Trust our experienced designers to guide you through every step.