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Buying guide

Choosing the right taps

Faucets have become more than just a way to access water. They have evolved into style statements in their own right, with designs to fit around a household’s needs as well as solutions that improve everyday life. Explore them all in this comprehensive buying guide.

Lamona Chrome Laveno single lever tap

Pressure and water type

Most faucets work with high water pressure, while purpose-built models are available for low pressure. In areas with hard water, limescale can cause deterioration, so a corrosion-resistant material – such as brass – will protect against damage. 
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Fitting requirements

Taking note of the pre-drilled holes in the basin intended for use is essential for a hassle-free installation. Whilst the majority of faucets only need a single hole, pillar and deck styles – which have double spouts – require two holes to be fitted correctly.

Choose a function

With the fundamental questions answered, take a look at the various features each option offers – with a variety of cleaning and lifestyle benefits.

Choose a style

Having decided on the essential features needed, it is time to find a finish. There are four main looks on offer – try to think about which one will suit a room’s overall design.


A classic look, this highly reflective material is a good way to increase light in a small room, and is easy to keep clean with soap or vinegar.

See Chrome taps


With a rich, earthy tone, copper brings real warmth to a scheme. It pairs especially well with moody shades of blue or grey.

Explore copper taps


Brass has a similar look to gold, giving it a timeless quality. It works well in luxe schemes, particularly when used alongside accessories in the same accent.

View brass taps


Probably the most up-to-date look of all, co-ordinate this dramatic tone with other black features in a room for the most dramatic effect.

Find black taps

Four ideas to try at home

Still undecided? Be inspired to try something new with these easy-to-execute suggestions. 

3 in 1 boiling hot water tap 1_RT1

Tap into something more sophisticated

With heritage and modern designs to choose from, plus clever innovations like water filters and hot water taps, your new tap will be the talk of your kitchen.