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Fire safety

What is a fire door?

This guide offers expert advice and information on fire door requirements, to help you understand what a fire door is, what they are made of and how they work.

The definition of a fire door

In the event of a fire, a fire door performs two vital functions. When closed, it forms a barrier to prevent the spread of smoke and flames. When open, it provides occupants with a means of escape. Each fire door consists of different parts which allow it to perform these tasks.


FD30 fire doors

Designed to prevent the spread of fire for 30 minutes, FD30 fire doors are available for both internal and external use around the home or in a commercial property.

FD60 fire doors

FD60 fire door specification means that a fire door will offer 60 minutes of fire protection - great for a commercial property.
HJ Fix and Fill Expanding Foam

Essentials tools for fitting a fire door

Fire-rated expanding foam is an essential item in a builder's toolkit when fitting a fire door. These foams fill gaps around your door frame to prevent the passage of smoke and fire. 
Pre-finished Holdenby Oak - Integral Garage  Flat Entrance Door (2)

Find the right fire door

In our range you will find fire doors for domestic and commercial use in a variety of styles and designs. We also stock all the fire-rated hardware needed to fit a fire door.