Woodscrews - Reisser R2 single thread Yellow Passivated



  • Reinforced collar to help prevent snapping
  • 25° needle point allows for immediate starting with no need to pilot drill
  • Self-lubricating coating helps the screw drive in quickly and easily
  • Hardened steel ensures maximum strength
  • Wide collar reduces the risk of the bit jumping out and rounding off the edges
  • Yellow passivated finish ensures maximum rust resistance

3 x 12mm SCW0523

3 x 16mm SCW0451

3.5 x 20mm SCW0452

3.5 x 25mm SCW0453

3.5 x 30mm SCW0454

4 x 25mm SCW0455

4 x 30mm SCW0456

4 x 35mm SCW0457

4 x 40mm SCW0458

4 x 50mm SCW0459

4 x 60mm SCW0475

4.5 x 30mm SCW0460

4.5 x 40mm SCW0461

4.5 x 50mm SCW0462

4.5 x 70mm SCW0474

4.5 x 80mm SCW0473

5 x 30mm SCW0463

5 x 40mm SCW0464

5 x 50mm SCW0465

5 x 60mm SCW0466

5 x 70mm SCW0467

5 x 80mm SCW0468

5 x 100mm SCW0469

6 x 50mm SCW0470

6 x 80mm SCW0471

6 x 100mm SCW0472

(Box of 200)