Circular saw blades

Doing the hard work for you, these circular saw blades have tungsten carbide tips, allowing them to cut abrasive materials. Suitable for cutting the likes of hardwood, softwood, plywood, plasterboard and fibreboard, there are four sizes to choose from ranging between 160mm and 216mm.


  • Tungsten carbide tips allow the cutting of abrasive materials
  • High-grade alloy steel body to maintain the blade's flatness
  • For cutting soft wood, hard wood, plywood, soft fibre, plasterboard stone, fibre board, cement bonded board and particle board
  • See packaging for tool compatibility

160mm Plunge saw blade TLS1048

165mm Plunge saw blade TLS1049

190mm Circular saw blade TLS0457

216mm Mitre saw blade TLS0456

216mm Circular saw blade TLS0675

250mm Circular saw blade TLS0674