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Sycamore Circular LED 2.6W Downlighter Under Cabinet Light

Use these flush-mounted circular downlights to light up wall cupboards and create a well-lit work space.

This LED circular downlighter comes in a muted nickel finish allowing it to fit seamlessly into any scheme. It can be positioned either inside or underneath wall-hung cupboards for a minimal look. Mounted flush to take up little space, this design ensures households have plenty of illumination without cluttering the space. A choice of shades includes a warm white that suits heritage-inspired schemes and a natural white glow to suit more contemporary spaces.

  • Material Plastic and Stainless Steel

  • LED2102|2 lights (with 15W driver)
  • LED2103|3 lights (with 15W driver)
  • LED2104|4 lights (with 15W driver)
  • LED2105|5 lights (with 15W driver)
  • LED2106|6 lights (with 50W driver)

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