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FloPlast Polypropylene Push-Fit 92.5° Bend Equal Tee

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Connect two pipes together in a right-angle with these white, push-fit 92.5-degree equal tees that come with a one-year guarantee.

One of the most common pipe fittings, waste tees are used to combine or divide the flow of fluid in a domestic waste system. Made of tough polypropylene, which holds up well against physical and chemical damage, these tees have a push-fit ring seal system which requires no extra specialist tools for a fast installation. Removable and re-useable, these waste tees are available in either 32mm or 40mm to match standard pipe sizes.

  • Suitable Application Domestic
  • Removability Removable
  • Reusability Reusable
  • Guarantee 1 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee