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FloPlast ABS Solvent Weld 135° Bend

Create an angled change of direction within a waste pipework system with these solvent-weld 135-degree bends.

Adapt a solvent-weld waste pipe network to suit any property layout with these 135-degree bends. Manufactured by a leading trade brand to meet British Standards EN 1455 or BS5255, these angled bends can change the pipework direction through 135 degrees for a sharp change in direction. The hardwearing finish protects against UV rays to make them ideal for exterior locations, and once the cement is applied they will provide a reliable and permanent joint. Available in white, there is a choice of width sizes to get the best fit for any plumbing system.

  • Suitable Application Domestic
  • Removability Non Removable
  • Reusability Non Reusable
  • Guarantee 1 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee

Product Code PAS5324

Product Details