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Cabinet Handles

The main function of cabinet handles is to make furniture or cupboards easily accessible by offering a handgrip for which to open them with. Increasingly, they are also being used as a way to make a style statement, and to bring individuality to a scheme. Every option in this selection is designed ergonomically, so it is comfortable to pull and push when opening and closing, whether used by the youngest or oldest member of a household. The variety of designs includes classic and more up-to-date looks, with some vintage choices that capture the essence of popular looks from the past. There is also a choice of different materials, including both warm-toned and cool-toned metallics, which can all be used to echo other features in a room. Sold in singular packs, they can be mixed and matched for an eclectic look or tied together in a matching finish for a coordinated design.
47 Products
    • Square Brushed Nickel Bar Cupboard Handle
    • Thin Nickel D Cupboard Handle 190mm
    • Antique Copper T-Bar Cupboard Handle
    • Antique Pewter D Cupboard Handle 146mm
    • Brushed Brass T-Bar Cupboard Handle 230mm
    • Twist Cage Pewter D Cupboard Handle 180mm
    • Brushed Nickel D Cupboard Handle 185mm
    • Classic Brushed Nickel D Cupboard Handle 147mm
    • Thin Brushed Stainless Steel D Cupboard Handle 198mm
    • Square Brushed Copper Bar Cupboard Handle
    • Angled Dual-Tone Grey and Chrome D Cupboard Handle 192mm
    • Solid Pewter Bar Cupboard Handle 138mm

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