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Lever On Rose Door Handles

Lever on rose door handles have a metal bar connected to a small circular or square section that is then secured to an entranceway. This makes them a minimal choice, as they take up less physical space and reduce visual clutter in a design. These options also require disguise how it is fitted, adding to the uncluttered effect. Within the collection there are three main styles, each creating a different look and feel. Arched can be used to introduce curves to a space, straight designs create clean lines, and scrolled is full of character for homes with classic styling. There is also a tapered design, which is great for mimicking any interesting angles in a room. Available in a variety of finishes, they have a durable construction designed to last and are straightforward to clean too.  Styles that increase fire safety can also be found, as well as pre-packed sets supplied with all the necessary parts for completing an entryway quickly.

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