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Self Tapping and Drilling Screws

Self-tapping and drilling screws are specially designed to thread their own hole as they are driven into a material, making insertion quicker and easier. Suitable for use with timber, metal and plastic, they are a popular choice when binding two different types of materials together. They are also useful for screwing into places with one-sided access, as the screw allows the user to create precisely fitted threads. There are two types: thread-forming designs that bend and twist the material, which are meant for plastic; and thread-cutting designs that remove bits of the material as the screw creates its path, which are typically used with wood and metal. Some styles are also self-drilling, which feature a drill-like fluted tip that works as a drill bit and fastener combined - great when joining thin pieces of metal together. Available in different sizes, tip patterns and head shapes to accommodate a large variety of jobs, there is a version to match almost any screw head make.
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