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            Reisser 4mm x 30mm Pozi Countersunk Yellow Zinc Passivated Self Tapping Woodscrews Pack of 200

            PRODUCT CODE: SCW5192

            Create a durable installation with these Reisser single-thread, yellow passivated woodscrews.

            Featuring a rust-resistant and yellow zinc-passivated finish, these Reisser single-thread screws are a hardwearing choice. The two patented slots prevent splitting close to the edge, while the 25-degree needle point makes it simple to drive in quickly. They also have distinct ribs and tucks for self-countersinking, ensuring a neat and flush fit. Available in a variety of sizes, there are different packs to suit every project.

            • Head Type Double Countersunk
            • Single Thread
            • Shank Type Straight Shank
            • Material Carbon Steel
            • Suitable Application Softwood and Hardwood