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Building Sealants

Building sealants are highly resistant to mould, weathering and UV light damage, making them a great choice for external jobs such as sealing joints in concrete, brick or stone structures, or bonding cladding panels together. Also referred to as silicone, this type of product is low modulus, meaning it has good elasticity and movement so can be easily stretched and worked into position. Providing a durable and flexible hold on a variety of materials including wood, metal, ceramic and glass, building sealants can also bond window and frames around a property, and are suitable for external use too. A large selection of colours makes it easy to find an appropriate match for any job and in any setting.
1 Product
    • Evo-Stik 290ml Building Sealant
      • Resistance Type Mould Resistant
      • Paintability Non Paintable
      • Location Internal and External

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