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Irwin MS500 Bevel Edge Wood Chisel 5 Piece Set

Make professional cuts with this durable Irwin Marples soft touch chisel set.

This five piece soft touch chisel set with hardened and annealed blades gives you long-lasting performance. Easy to resharpen and treat, this chisel set will give every millimetre of its working life. The set includes 6mm, 10mm, 13mm, 19mm and 25mm chisels each sharpened and ready to use straight away. The lacquered blade provides rust protection and water and oil resistance to avoid slippage for safer usage.

  • Blade Construction Single Piece
  • Blade Material Hardened Steel
  • End Caps Steel
  • Handle Type Soft Grip
  • Pre-Sharpened Pre-Sharpened
  • Rust Protection Anti-Rust Coating

Product Code TLS0087

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