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Wood Stain

For use internally or externally, wood stain can be used to change the colour of timber, and will also provide added protection against wear, water, and the weather for those designed for outdoor use. Wood stain is applied evenly to natural materials with a brush or roller to get a consistent and professional finish. This is then left to soak in and cure so that the area becomes UV resistant and absorbs the colour. A variety of shades are available, from lighter and clear shades that focus on amplifying the grain, while deep, rich tones can be introduced with those at the darker end of palette. There are also options that require just one coat- saving valuable finishing time on a project.
3 Products
    • Sadolin 750ml English Oak Satin Wood Stain
      • Resistance Type Stain Resistant
    • Sadolin 1 Ltr Satin Wood Stain
      • Resistance Type Weather Resistant
    • Ronseal 2.5 Ltr Satin Wood Stain

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