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            Golden Globe Race

            A non-stop, round-the-world competition which harks back to the golden age of solo sailing, this year’s Golden Globe Race will see 17 entrants single-handedly cross four oceans. Competitors include Simon Curwen, a British skipper and climate-change activist, who we are sponsoring as he takes on this unique challenge. Using recycled vessels and without modern technology, the race champions climate-conscious behaviour towards the environment, encouraging sailors to push their skills to the limit through traditional sailing. This focus on sustainability is echoed by Simon’s passion for the planet, which is an ethos we share in the way we run our business.

            Sustainability stories

            • What is the Golden Globe Race?

              Since its inaugural edition in 1968, the Golden Globe Race has become one of the most challenging non-stop sailing competitions, seeing entrants sail the world solo without modern technology.
            • Sustainable sailing at its core   

              In the spirit of retro sailing, competitors sailboats powered by renewable energy rather than fossil fuels. This sustainable approach aligns with our own goals for a greener business.
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            Simon CURWEN, British 2022 Golden Globe race skipper

            All solo sailing is a challenge but the Golden Globe Race is different. It is a race like no other. Without modern equipment, it takes you back to classic sailing which is better for the environment. For me, this race gives me a newfound appreciation, and respect, for our planet's oceans.

            • About Simon Curwen

              A passionate sailor and advocate for the planet, Simon Curwen has worked in environmental protection for 30 years, while also competing in sailing races across the globe.
            • Simon's sustainable story 

              Simon’s environmental company investigated thousands of potentially contaminated sites and restored hundreds to beneficial use, following the effects of industry.

            SImon Curwen, british 2022 golden globe race skipper

            By definition, the boats that we are sailing are all recycled. My boat is 46 years old and this event gives it a new purpose. Our energy requirements for the race are also very modest.  My energy will come from solar and hydro generation, which is one of the oldest renewable sources and uses the natural flow of water to generate power. 

            • Sustainable partnerships

              Establishing partnerships with sustainable organisations allows us to support those putting the planet first, share our learnings, and gain new insight from our collaborations.
            • Our road to zero

              While competitors in the Golden Globe Race sail refitted boats that harness renewable energy, we are working hard to reach zero emissions and zero waste across the business.  

            rob black, director of esg at howdens

            At Howdens, we want to do things the right way, and sustainability is the same. To be the UK's leading responsible kitchen and joinery business, we have to be worthwhile for all concerned, which includes the planet. That is why, our goal over the next few years is to find a pathway that eliminates emissions and waste across the entire business. 

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